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We offer you a complete personal, professional, end-to-end real estate agency service. Everything we do is fully tailored to empower and support you to improve your life and fully realise your property ambitions. 

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Our aim is to retain you as a client for life by empowering and supporting you at all stages of your move.  As our client, you’ll always have direct access to your very own qualified property professional.

Who do you know that owns an exceptional, interesting or unique home in West Kent and is considering a move?  Are you looking to move house?

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We work with aspiring homeowners, selling and seeking exceptional homes around the beautiful Kings Hill, West Malling, Ryarsh and wider surrounding areas of West Kent. We deliver a complete, professional estate agency experience we call ‘Sell to Buy’. A great place to get started is to pick up the phone for a friendly chat or book a personal consultation by clicking the button below.  Alternatively learn more about the moving process by downloading our FREE Keller Williams Sellers Guide.  Click below for your PDF copy…

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If you’re currently searching for a new home around Kings Hill, West Malling, Leybourne, Ryarsh or one of the other beautiful surrounding West Kent villages, then join our VIP Buyers Club.  Clicking on the button below and fill out the form or simply pick up the phone. Once registered we’ll let you know when any of our current properties match your specific search criteria. It couldn’t be simpler..

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Property FAQ’s

Pricing your property at the correct level is essential to achieving a successful sale.  If you ask too much, your property could sit on the market for months.  If the price is too low, you will obviously lose out financially. See our Marketing page for more information.

For a truly accurate guide on price, it’s always best to arrange an in-person Property Consultation visit.  Call now to arrange a convenient time so that you can tell us all about your exceptional home… Tel. 01732 905908

We offer a complete end-to-end estate agency and consultancy service we call ‘Sell to Buy’.   For expertly preparing, marketing, negotiating, and selling your current home PLUS acting as your purchasing advisor for your next home (within our wider area of operation), we charge just 2.00% of the achieved property sales price plus vat (Sole Agency only). 

For our sales ONLY service (excluding acting as your next home purchase advisor), our fee is reduced to 1.50% of the achieved sales price + vat (Sole Agency only).  

At KW Toby Box we believe in total transparency, so our selling fees are published here.  Most estate agents don’t do this…!

Remember you only pay our fee if and when your property sale is secured.

No! Unlike so many other estate agents, you will not be tied into ANY minimum contract period.

We’re so confident in our exceptional and professional service levels, that we’re sure you won’t want to cancel.  However, you’re free to do so at any time…

We offer this degree of flexibility as we believe it to be fair and the best way to serve our clients.  However, you will appreciate that in preparing and bringing an exceptional home to market, there are a number of marketing, expenses and administration costs incurred.  As a result, we do require that should you change your mind and cancel your agreement within the first 16 weeks from the date our Terms & Conditions are signed, these agreed costs are recoverable, up to a maximum of £1,000 (one thousand pounds). 

No.  We do not charge any up front marketing fees.

The time needed to bring a property to market varies.  It really depends on the scope of work required to present your property to the market in the very best way possible.  However, this is a critical stage of the sales process that many ordinary agents ignore or get wrong. Typically, we will take between 10 to 21 days from instruction to complete this stage. 

During this time, our expert team are very busy behind the scenes ensuring your property is completely, 100%, ready for the marketing phase of the wider sales process.  This means that the speed and value of your house sale are more likely to be enhanced. 

Online marketing is just one part of our overall marketing strategy.  We also apply traditional well proven marketing strategies. We will create you a beautiful bespoke hard copy brochure you will be proud to show off. We put up a sales board, and actually pick up the phone and talk to our database of potential buyers and wider network of agents.

Online, as well as the main Keller Williams website, your property will also appear on Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket and Boomin.  That’s some great online exposure – however, we will also run you a bespoke Social Media campaign utilising cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to find you the right buyer at the right time at the right price.

We are currently in a sellers market.  At this point in time, it can take 5 to 18 weeks to sell a high value property in the UK. In March 2022, the average time from listing to completion was 16 weeks.  However, there are a lot of factors that can affect the timeline.  

It’s vitally important you choose the right property team working for you during your move. This is exactly where KW Toby Box can step in…

We understand that your home needs to be carefully prepared prior to marketing to potential purchasers.   As your most valuable asset, you’d agree that your home deserves to be professionally presented.  We don’t take shortcuts, so it’s always best to contact us early rather than later, in order to get the process underway as soon as possible.

The power of the internet means that these days finding mortgage rates is easier than ever. However, we would always highly recommend using a fully qualified and experienced mortgage broker.  They will be able to offer you really valuable advice and recommendation on choosing the right mortgage lender and the mortgage product.  This could save you thousands of pounds financially in the longer term and lots of time in the shorter term.  Of course we have access to a panel of the top mortgage experts ready and waiting to join your property team.

A credit score is used by the mortgage companies when determining if and how much money they will lend to you.  If you have a poor credit score it can adversely affect that figure.  Often a poor score is caused following historic missed credit payments.  Sometimes mistakes can be logged against your name in error, hence, it’s important to check your credit score prior to applying for a mortgage. 

The best place to get started is to use one of the main credit score agencies.  There are a number to choose from, including Equifax, Experian, ClearScore and Check My File.  These sites and apps will provide you with a facility to check your credit score and will provide you with advice on how to correct or improve it before applying for your mortgage.  Your mortgage broker will also be able to assit you in this regard…  

A mortgage valuation is NOT a survey.

Being forewarned is forearmed. Choosing the right survey will help highlight any serious problems and advise you of the specific risks before you commit to the process of buying or selling a property. RICS has three different levels of survey. These can only be conducted by an RICS qualified surveyor.  Read this helpful guide from RICS – Helping you choose the right survey.

We have a panel of fully qualified RICS surveyors available for you when you’re ready. They will be able to advise and undertake exactly the right survey for you.

The short answer is Yes – however, there is a longer answer…  It’s best to get in touch and we can talk through all the options available to you.

Spoiler alert – the lack of a successful sale is not always down to the asking price.

Yes..!  If we’re instructed to sell your current home and you’re looking to purchase your next home in or around our area of operation, We will act as your own personal property purchase advisor, all included within the standard Sell to Buy fee.  We will help search the market for properties that match your specific criteria, as well as provide you with advice and recommendation on property condition, surveys and price negotiation.  We will even attend a viewing with you if needed.  

At KW Toby Box, our exclusive end to end estate agency experience takes customer service and experience to the next level…

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